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Vjv Group was established in 1995 as one of the earliest of India’s dedicated diamond houses.

The first Group company began cutting and polishing diamonds, at Surat, one of Gujarat’s great diamond gem & jewellery manufacturing centres. one of India’s largest manufacturers, retailers and exporters of diamonds – and a global frontrunner.


The vjv Group's operations extended from rough diamond sourcing, cutting, polishing and distribution, to jewellery manufacture, which involved designing, mould making, wading, casting, sprue grinding, filing, polishing and setting.

The Group made its final departure from jewellery trade convention by launching multiple brands for various markets and price segments.

Each brand was positioned accordingly. Moreover, the brands were distributed through a variety of channels, from wholesalers, supermarkets and superstores to upmarket branded jewellery stores.

Spreading Wings

Integration enabled the vjv Group to build strengths and hone expertise in all aspects of product development, marketing and merchandising, the perfect launching pad for organic and uninterrupted growth.

Besides growth through increased integration and synergy of operations, it grows abroad through subsidiaries and strategic acquisitions.

With a widening customer base, the Group became one of the largest exporters of studded jewellery with major markets in USA, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Italy and France.

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