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First mover advantage

In its manifold mission, the Vjv Group is overall ahead of rivals because it has been the first, or among the first, to make break new ground in many directions – an advantage of momentum it continues to build on.

Integrated, multilocation operations

The Group is active in all stages of the diamond jewellery business, from cutting polishing rough stones, to design and manufacture of finished jewellery. With manufacturing operations in India, China and Thailand, and distribution points across the country, and in the global orbit, on four continents.

Skills and technology

vjv’s core strength is the expertise of its artisans in cutting and polishing diamonds, and its jewellery designers and marketing teams in developing market-friendly jewellery in tune with shifting user preferences worldwide, to which it gives shape using high precision CAD CAM processes and equipment.

Product range and innovation

Having brought diamonds and diamond-studded jewellery within reach of consumers previously unable to afford them, the Group offers a wide variety of products in classic, ethnic and modern patterns, suitable for consumers at differing price brackets, in line with market demand in various markets, in India and abroad.

At the same time, we continually press ahead with innovations in design and use of various metals – gold, silver, platinum and stainless steel: we not only keep up with changing fashions – we make fashions.

Market access and brand support

The Group has quickly secured substantial market share. It has launched a growing hamper of targeted brands, with powerful communications and merchandising support.

In line with each brand profile, multilayered distribution right down to the retail level, has ensured product delivery to each targeted consumer segment, whether at upmarket malls, department stores or exclusive retail jewellers’

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